Weekly Summary May 26

This week was very intense with the amount of work that needed to be done. While it was all mostly fun and interesting to do, it was all very time consuming because I am doing the work while also teaching myself how to work the different applications.

The first assignment of exploring the different tips and taking a photo using them was quite simple and easy to accomplish. The tips and videos made it easy to understand the concepts which in turn made it easy to accomplish the assignment. I took a picture of a sail boat and made a blog post about it called Sails to the Wind. I found this assignment very enjoyable and a good introduction in the visual chapter.

The next assignments I did were the Visual Assignments. I also enjoyed making these but it did infuriate me with how time consuming they were. Making the assignments themselves were pretty intense but then writing two separate posts for each one, made it even more intense. They were simple for the most part in accomplishing which made it a better experience, however, some of the assignments asked to do tasks that I have never done before, making them a bit more difficult. The Spubble assignment was a lot of fun and I enjoyed making that one a lot. The next one I did was a combo-photo assignment which was more intense and a bit challenging to find images that complimented each other. The vacation collage post I did was my favorite with how it turned it out and I had the most fun making it. It was easy to accomplish and somewhat relaxing to do. Lastly, the Can You See What I See project was interesting but a bit boring. I liked the outcome since it was something I had never done before but it wasn’t my favorite compared to the other assignments.

I also made separate tutorials for each assignment instead of including them within each blog post. Which can be viewed here:

The photo safari was fun but very frustrating because of how difficult it was to achieve the criteria. It was fun to do it under pressure and push myself to see what I could accomplish.

I enjoyed Visual Storytelling because it was a very different way to look at storytelling. I have enjoyed the opportunity to try new techniques and see what I can do. I also am not a very creative person so having this chance to use the creativity I have and seeing what I can accomplish was very rewarding. Some of the techniques, however, some of the techniques were very frustrating and made this less enjoyable but it was still very rewarding to overcome those challenges. It was a bit harder than I expected because I assumed it would have been just taking pictures and not editing them and manipulating them to fit different stories.

Daily Creates

15 Minute Photo Safari

Photo Blitz Gallery

I thought that this photo blitz would be somewhat easy, however, it was extremely difficult getting pictures that I was proud enough of to use. Getting all the photos within the time would have not been difficult if I have had the resources to get images that I was proud of and that I believed captured the criteria well.

The challenge itself was fun and it was interesting looking for all of the different objects within one general area. It was enjoyable to challenge myself but also frustrating when I couldn’t come up with ideas or think of how I wanted to execute the challenge. Occasionally even the photos I did capture that I wanted to get, they still weren’t executed to the standards I wanted.

All in all, the challenge was challenging but still enjoyable enough that it wasn’t too frustrating.

Tutorial to Visionary Tale

The Visionary Tale assignment was a really interesting and fun one to do. I used PicMonkey to edit my work because it allows me to layer pictures and create a very interesting image. PicMonkey also allows me to crop, edit, and combine images as well as add other images and clip art into my work.

This assignment was off of the Can You See What I See assignment. I did this assignment by taking an image of an eye off the internet and placing it in a new PicMonkey template.

Screenshot (12)

Once I added the eye, I then took a picture of a castle in Ireland and placed it onto the eyeball. I then erased the edges of the image to make it fit into the reflection of the eyeball ball better, as seen in the above image.

After making the castle fit into the eye, I then make it more translucent to make it seem as though it is a reflection of what the eye is looking at. I did both the erasing of the image as well as making it more translucent from the graphics box seen in the above and below picture on the right.

Screenshot (13)

The image above shows how I changed the opacity of the image of the castle.

This project was pretty simple, the hardest part was finding an eye with a good light reflection and find the right percentage of translucency. To see the finished product and more information on this project, check out my Visionary Tale post.

Tutorial to Spubble

The spubble project was an interesting project that forced me to find a picture I didn’t really love and turn it into an assignment. I used PicMonkey for the assignment to help create a a product that was well done and somewhat playful. The PicMonkey website allowed me to place images on the photograph to turn it into a whole new image.

I first took this photo of myself:


Which was taken in a “photoshoot” in Ellicott City. The picture was taken off guard which is why I have such a strange look on it.

I then took that picture and added the speech bubble into it that holds a phrase that I thought to be well suiting. The spubble was added by going to the graphics tab and clicking on the speech bubble icon. You then have to layer it, as seen in the image below on the left, to make the bubble appear above the photo. To add text, you simply hit the text icon on the far left adn place the text box where it is desired.

Screenshot (7)

While the assignment could have ended with just adding the speech bubble, I believed it to be a bit too boring. I then added some shapes onto the rocks in the background to add a bit more pop and make the image more playful. The images also came from the graphics icon and were placed over the rocks to fit them.

Screenshot (8)

The graphics were found in the design sub category and I used the ones that filled up the rocks better than the other ones that were straighter lines.

The spubble project was pretty straight forward and left a bit of room for creativity. To the see the finished project and see why I did the project, it is in my other blog post called Rude People.

Tutorial to Set Fire to the Sky

To create the Set Fire the Sky combo photo, I used PicMonkey, much like I did for most of the visual assignments. PicMonkey allows you to combine several photos into one template, making it easy to combine the two photos to splice them together.

I used a photo of a fire breather and a hot air balloon to combine them into one image.

Screenshot (6)

To create the image, I took the two photos and put them into the one template. I then cropped them to flow together the best I could. The cropping feature can be seen on the left upper-side of the picture above.

Once the images were cropped, I then lined them up to create one cohesive image and to make it appear as though the fire breather was blowing up the balloon itself. The images needed no filter on them since they were already of similar colors.

I then uploaded the image to flickr to embed it onto this post. The hardest part of this assignment was finding a set of pictures that worked well together and made a cohesive image.

Tutorial to West Coast Dreamin’

To create the collage of the West Coast Dreamin’ project, I used the site PicMonkey. PicMonkey is a picture editing sight that allows you to edit photographs as well as add effects, texture, and clip art into the image.

I used the app to collage my pictures together and then add a filter onto each image to create a film effect onto them.

Screenshot (10)

The film look was created by adding the third effect and putting the setting of it, as seen in the above photo, to around 30%. Making the setting low enough that the pictures are still visible as the originals but the setting was still high enough that the look of the collage seemed somewhat retro.

All of the pictures in the collage I personally took but can be seen in a album on my flickr account. I did have to crop some of the pictures to fit into the collage frame but I mainly took pictures that would fit well together when combined.

To make a collage on PicMonkey you just have to add the pictures you want a arrange them, no need for a template. The collage was quite simple to make and allowed for a chance of creativity within a project that was quite simple.

To see the finished project, go check out my other blog post about it!

Set Fire to the Sky

Imagine your watching a fire breather as a festival and instead of them breathing fire out for your entertainment, they are also the sole source of fire for the hot air balloon rides. Now, it sounds crazy, but this image shows that it is possible.

fire breather blowing up hot air balloon

In this visual assignment, we were to splice two images together to create one image. I used an image of a fire breather and a hot air balloon to create an image of the fire breather blowing the balloon up instead of the balloon’s torch.

I chose this assignment because I had never spliced pictures before or combined pictures to see the similarities between them, so I saw it as a welcomed challenge. I did have trouble trying to find a combination of photos that worked well together and created the most cohesive image I could create, but in the end, I believe it is a pretty interesting image.

I also enjoyed how it was a comparison of two different forms of entertainment wrapped into one image. This image originally did not have much meaning to me but after creating the image I have found that even if the image itself may be somewhat meaningless, the lessons learned from it are still meaningful. For example, I learned that there several similarities between items that I have never considered before. This assignment has allowed me to gain a better appreciation for seeing the tiniest similarities between images.

The hot air balloon being blown up by the fire breather I thought was a very interesting concept that I had never seen before. I saw it as something somewhat realistic but still as two items that did not belong together. The story told behind this fire breather that is blowing up a massive balloon, shows how even though a situation may seem unlikely to happen, or a daunting task, it can always be possible to overcome.

West Coast Dreamin’

Traveling to the West Coast is one of the best opportunities for a human to take. In Oregon, you have the option of city living, hiking, skiing, a day at the beach, and viewing farm land all within an hour of each other. In the visual assignments, I had the opportunity to showcase my trip to Oregon in a collage of my favorite vacation.

vacation collage

This assignment is where you take five pictures from your favorite vacation, turn them into a collage, and then post to your personal flickr account.

I chose this assignment because I will take any chance I can get to show how beautiful of a state Oregon is. I also believed this would be a fun way to spice up an average collage. All the pictures taken I took myself and the website I used to edit them in PicMonkey.

I gained inspiration in editing the picture to look like film from an old film picture my mom has of her land in Oregon. The photograph my mom owns has always been a favorite among us kids to look at because it looked so serene and peaceful in Oregon. I also think that film is such a cool way to edit pictures to still look like the originals but also create a completely different vibe to the audience.

The film effect on the pictures also shows a time where nature was less cultured, and Oregon being a very wild state in the sense of nature, I believed would be a great way to show how times have changed. Today, untouched land and nature is near impossible to come about, but my mother would described a time in her life where she could go out and explore the woods and it would seem completely untouched. A time where film was prominent. .

This trip to me was a very important one in making me into the person I am today. It was the first trip I went on without my parents, and while I was staying with family while across the country, I was still traveling by myself, making this my first major adult experience. I also impacted by how beautiful and natural the entire state was, something that is seen as rare in Maryland.

Visionary Tale

Imagine a world where there was no such thing as sight to anyone. Or if there was, the only things to look at were drab and did not engage you senses. You would never get to see your dream country, know your favorite color or flower, or even know the faces of the people closest to you. However, thankfully, the world you may know, it not like that. It is full of light, color, faces, images, and so many other things that engage your powerful eyes. The design assignments create a chance for someone to explore what life may be like in that world. Especially in the Can You See What I See assignment, as seen completed below, is that exploration possible.

eye ball reflection

For a visual assignment I did the Can You See What I See assignment. It involved taking an eye, either a personal picture or one off of the internet, and producing an image in it to make it appear as though they are looking at something. You accomplish the effect by shrinking an image and making it more translucent, then overlaying onto the eye to create the effect of what the eye is looking at. To make this assignment possible I used an image of a blue and orange eye and then put a picture of a castle in Ireland in in the eyeball.

I chose this topic because I thought it would be a lot of fun to pursue. I have also seen many photographs like these and have always found them quite interesting so I was excited to make my own. I have also never used photo shop or edited a picture like I did with that one making a new challenge for me.

The image is based on an eye, that looks quite similar to mine, and is looking at a castle in Ireland. I chose the image of the castle for the eye to look at because I have always wanted to see Ireland. This eye in a sense is seeing something that I have always wanted to see, creating an idea of me vicariously living through it.

The eye itself also seems to have a liveliness look to it, which looking at the ruins of the castle, represents a contrast in something that is living and something that represents a falling apart or death. The liveliness of the eye could be due to the viewer of this castle being young, which once again contrasts against the oldness of the castle. Those contrasts also relate to society because it shows someone of a younger age having appreciation for cultures and history, which seems somewhat rare to today’s generation.

I made this visual assignment because I saw it as a great way to encompass a story within just one frame of a picture. Eyes see so many things, all of those things being visual causes the world to be created off of what humans see.

Rude People

You’re walking into a building, whether it be a restaurant or school building, and you notice someone behind you so you wait and hold the door open to be polite, but they never said, “thank you”. Better yet, you’re walking into a building and hold the door open for someone who is that awkward distance away that if you don’t hold the door open, you look rude, but if you do hold the door open, it seems as though you’re waiting eons. While you’re holding the door open for them for what seems like ages, they walk through without a mere “thank you. While this simple act may not seem like a gran gesture, it is enough to thank the person or at least acknowledge their kind gesture.


This assignment was quite straight forward because all it asked was find a picture of yourself and make a speech bubble to portray what might have been in that moment. I used my own personal photo and then used PicMonkey to edit it. I added the shapes and designs onto the rocks to add a graffiti type look but a look that was more playful. This post is to represent being kinder to people, so I wanted the picture to have a more fun and playful look to it.

I took this photograph of myself that was taken in Ellicott City and adapted into a situation where a person did not thank me for holding the door open for them. I got this idea because this scenario actually happened while I was in Ellicott City. I was raised to be polite and thank people who do kind things for me and to do kind things for other people, so when people don’t treat others with respect, I get a face quite similar to the one in that photo.

I believe that a society where people are always kind, and try their best to be respectful, is a society that will thrive. Holding a door for someone is just a small way to be polite and saying thank you to anyone who does something nice for you is a way to make the world a slightly nicer place.