Sails to the Wind

For the “How to Become a Better Photographer” assignment, I took advantage of the tips that were on the class’s sight of the TEN: Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft. None of Them Involve Buying Gear. I used mainly the “contrast tip” as well as the “look into the light” to capture the look of my photograph.

sail boat trial

I thought about this picture because awhile back my dad bought his first sailboat and the first time I went out on it I was astonished by how tall these boats were. I then tried to take a picture of the entire boat which ended with a picture of the mast because it was near impossible to get the whole entire boat, so I was inspired by a previous picture I had taken.

I live next to a marina so getting the picture wasn’t too difficult. I did however have to try a couple different angles and a couple different boats to get the product I liked. I was trying to be careful to not just take the first picture I liked and use it, which I typically do. So I had to take a couple more pictures than I normally do but I believe the outcome was what I wanted and what I envisioned.


The thinness of the boat’s lines and mast in comparison to the vastness of the sky behind it shows how something so thin can control a vessel so large and control powerful sails. A sail boat, when the sails are completely deployed, looks like a completely object than shown in the picture which represents a contrast, not just in the photo itself, but also in the object itself. The light clouds and sun in the back also may represent how the elements are very vital to sailing and since the sky is the majority of the picture, it represents how dominate the weather and sky is to the boat, that when you look at it is very large, but compared to the sky, its very minute.

The video that I watched, “What is Visual Literacy”, helped me tremendously look at pictures and any images in a different way than I had before. The tips listed also helped me think of what photograph I could take to encompass more than one of the tips. The material given was very helpful in fulfilling this assignment and helping me understand my own work better.


This week was a bit of a struggle since I have never used some of these sites or been asked to create my own domain, blog website, or even embed media. That being said, it was a difficult couple of days but very rewarding in the end when I figured out how to work the apps. I struggled the most with embedding the media into my post because like I said I have never done that before. After struggling for awhile with it, I realized how to do it and saw it was quite simple.

I also had some issues with understanding some of the requirements and certain pages on the different websites so it was a bit difficult in the beginning to create a strong foundation. However, once I figured out how to finagle that websites, it got a lot easier to use them and understand them.

Setting up my domain was quite simple because the directions talked you through how to do it, there was a bit of unease with not knowing if I did it right, and I still have some of that unease but I believe I did the best I could. Setting my blog actually took two tries because I did it once without setting up my domain and realized that was incorrect and had to start it over. Other than those issues it was pretty easy and actually quite fun. Setting up the social media was very easy to me because I already had a twitter and YouTube account and Flickr and Sound Cloud were pretty self explanatory.

Customizing my blog was very exciting to me because I was looking forward the most to being creative. I changed the theme and then the colors of the theme to reflect my aesthetic and while I was worried of messing the entire blog page up, I didn’t and it turned out looking pretty cute in my opinion.

This all was completely new to me which made it really difficult and time consuming in the beginning because I was having to teach myself how to use everything and understand how they work. After figuring out how to use everything I’ve become very excited for this class because I believe it will push me but also be very rewarding.

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Hello people!

Hey everyone! I’m Mallory and I am a sophomore at University of Mary Washington. I live in Annapolis, Maryland and I’m very excited for this class because I’ve always had an interest in social media and blogs and I’ll talk a bit more of my interest in the class in my YouTube video. A weird fact about me is that I have owned 5 different types of pets including geese and rabbits but I have never owned a dog. I’m allergic to dogs so it’s a little less heart breaking but still quite upsetting. I’m also a very introverted person so I’m hoping that making a bit more of an internet presence will help me overcome that. I can’t wait to get more involved in this class!



Also, follow me on Twitter! I’ve had the account for years but have rarely used it.


Like stated before I’ve never had a dog but I have had three cats, Tiki, Silus, and Hobie. This is Silus, he is my actual cat, the other two are family member’s cats.