Rude People

You’re walking into a building, whether it be a restaurant or school building, and you notice someone behind you so you wait and hold the door open to be polite, but they never said, “thank you”. Better yet, you’re walking into a building and hold the door open for someone who is that awkward distance away that if you don’t hold the door open, you look rude, but if you do hold the door open, it seems as though you’re waiting eons. While you’re holding the door open for them for what seems like ages, they walk through without a mere “thank you. While this simple act may not seem like a gran gesture, it is enough to thank the person or at least acknowledge their kind gesture.


This assignment was quite straight forward because all it asked was find a picture of yourself and make a speech bubble to portray what might have been in that moment. I used my own personal photo and then used PicMonkey to edit it. I added the shapes and designs onto the rocks to add a graffiti type look but a look that was more playful. This post is to represent being kinder to people, so I wanted the picture to have a more fun and playful look to it.

I took this photograph of myself that was taken in Ellicott City and adapted into a situation where a person did not thank me for holding the door open for them. I got this idea because this scenario actually happened while I was in Ellicott City. I was raised to be polite and thank people who do kind things for me and to do kind things for other people, so when people don’t treat others with respect, I get a face quite similar to the one in that photo.

I believe that a society where people are always kind, and try their best to be respectful, is a society that will thrive. Holding a door for someone is just a small way to be polite and saying thank you to anyone who does something nice for you is a way to make the world a slightly nicer place.

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