Set Fire to the Sky

Imagine your watching a fire breather as a festival and instead of them breathing fire out for your entertainment, they are also the sole source of fire for the hot air balloon rides. Now, it sounds crazy, but this image shows that it is possible.

fire breather blowing up hot air balloon

In this visual assignment, we were to splice two images together to create one image. I used an image of a fire breather and a hot air balloon to create an image of the fire breather blowing the balloon up instead of the balloon’s torch.

I chose this assignment because I had never spliced pictures before or combined pictures to see the similarities between them, so I saw it as a welcomed challenge. I did have trouble trying to find a combination of photos that worked well together and created the most cohesive image I could create, but in the end, I believe it is a pretty interesting image.

I also enjoyed how it was a comparison of two different forms of entertainment wrapped into one image. This image originally did not have much meaning to me but after creating the image I have found that even if the image itself may be somewhat meaningless, the lessons learned from it are still meaningful. For example, I learned that there several similarities between items that I have never considered before. This assignment has allowed me to gain a better appreciation for seeing the tiniest similarities between images.

The hot air balloon being blown up by the fire breather I thought was a very interesting concept that I had never seen before. I saw it as something somewhat realistic but still as two items that did not belong together. The story told behind this fire breather that is blowing up a massive balloon, shows how even though a situation may seem unlikely to happen, or a daunting task, it can always be possible to overcome.

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