Tutorial to Set Fire to the Sky

To create the Set Fire the Sky combo photo, I used PicMonkey, much like I did for most of the visual assignments. PicMonkey allows you to combine several photos into one template, making it easy to combine the two photos to splice them together.

I used a photo of a fire breather and a hot air balloon to combine them into one image.

Screenshot (6)

To create the image, I took the two photos and put them into the one template. I then cropped them to flow together the best I could. The cropping feature can be seen on the left upper-side of the picture above.

Once the images were cropped, I then lined them up to create one cohesive image and to make it appear as though the fire breather was blowing up the balloon itself. The images needed no filter on them since they were already of similar colors.

I then uploaded the image to flickr to embed it onto this post. The hardest part of this assignment was finding a set of pictures that worked well together and made a cohesive image.

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