Tutorial to Spubble

The spubble project was an interesting project that forced me to find a picture I didn’t really love and turn it into an assignment. I used PicMonkey for the assignment to help create a a product that was well done and somewhat playful. The PicMonkey website allowed me to place images on the photograph to turn it into a whole new image.

I first took this photo of myself:


Which was taken in a “photoshoot” in Ellicott City. The picture was taken off guard which is why I have such a strange look on it.

I then took that picture and added the speech bubble into it that holds a phrase that I thought to be well suiting. The spubble was added by going to the graphics tab and clicking on the speech bubble icon. You then have to layer it, as seen in the image below on the left, to make the bubble appear above the photo. To add text, you simply hit the text icon on the far left adn place the text box where it is desired.

Screenshot (7)

While the assignment could have ended with just adding the speech bubble, I believed it to be a bit too boring. I then added some shapes onto the rocks in the background to add a bit more pop and make the image more playful. The images also came from the graphics icon and were placed over the rocks to fit them.

Screenshot (8)

The graphics were found in the design sub category and I used the ones that filled up the rocks better than the other ones that were straighter lines.

The spubble project was pretty straight forward and left a bit of room for creativity. To the see the finished project and see why I did the project, it is in my other blog post called Rude People.

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