Tutorial to Visionary Tale

The Visionary Tale assignment was a really interesting and fun one to do. I used PicMonkey to edit my work because it allows me to layer pictures and create a very interesting image. PicMonkey also allows me to crop, edit, and combine images as well as add other images and clip art into my work.

This assignment was off of the Can You See What I See assignment. I did this assignment by taking an image of an eye off the internet and placing it in a new PicMonkey template.

Screenshot (12)

Once I added the eye, I then took a picture of a castle in Ireland and placed it onto the eyeball. I then erased the edges of the image to make it fit into the reflection of the eyeball ball better, as seen in the above image.

After making the castle fit into the eye, I then make it more translucent to make it seem as though it is a reflection of what the eye is looking at. I did both the erasing of the image as well as making it more translucent from the graphics box seen in the above and below picture on the right.

Screenshot (13)

The image above shows how I changed the opacity of the image of the castle.

This project was pretty simple, the hardest part was finding an eye with a good light reflection and find the right percentage of translucency. To see the finished product and more information on this project, check out my Visionary Tale post.

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