Tutorial to West Coast Dreamin’

To create the collage of the West Coast Dreamin’ project, I used the site PicMonkey. PicMonkey is a picture editing sight that allows you to edit photographs as well as add effects, texture, and clip art into the image.

I used the app to collage my pictures together and then add a filter onto each image to create a film effect onto them.

Screenshot (10)

The film look was created by adding the third effect and putting the setting of it, as seen in the above photo, to around 30%. Making the setting low enough that the pictures are still visible as the originals but the setting was still high enough that the look of the collage seemed somewhat retro.

All of the pictures in the collage I personally took but can be seen in a album on my flickr account. I did have to crop some of the pictures to fit into the collage frame but I mainly took pictures that would fit well together when combined.

To make a collage on PicMonkey you just have to add the pictures you want a arrange them, no need for a template. The collage was quite simple to make and allowed for a chance of creativity within a project that was quite simple.

To see the finished project, go check out my other blog post about it!

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