Visionary Tale

Imagine a world where there was no such thing as sight to anyone. Or if there was, the only things to look at were drab and did not engage you senses. You would never get to see your dream country, know your favorite color or flower, or even know the faces of the people closest to you. However, thankfully, the world you may know, it not like that. It is full of light, color, faces, images, and so many other things that engage your powerful eyes. The design assignments create a chance for someone to explore what life may be like in that world. Especially in the Can You See What I See assignment, as seen completed below, is that exploration possible.

eye ball reflection

For a visual assignment I did the Can You See What I See assignment. It involved taking an eye, either a personal picture or one off of the internet, and producing an image in it to make it appear as though they are looking at something. You accomplish the effect by shrinking an image and making it more translucent, then overlaying onto the eye to create the effect of what the eye is looking at. To make this assignment possible I used an image of a blue and orange eye and then put a picture of a castle in Ireland in in the eyeball.

I chose this topic because I thought it would be a lot of fun to pursue. I have also seen many photographs like these and have always found them quite interesting so I was excited to make my own. I have also never used photo shop or edited a picture like I did with that one making a new challenge for me.

The image is based on an eye, that looks quite similar to mine, and is looking at a castle in Ireland. I chose the image of the castle for the eye to look at because I have always wanted to see Ireland. This eye in a sense is seeing something that I have always wanted to see, creating an idea of me vicariously living through it.

The eye itself also seems to have a liveliness look to it, which looking at the ruins of the castle, represents a contrast in something that is living and something that represents a falling apart or death. The liveliness of the eye could be due to the viewer of this castle being young, which once again contrasts against the oldness of the castle. Those contrasts also relate to society because it shows someone of a younger age having appreciation for cultures and history, which seems somewhat rare to today’s generation.

I made this visual assignment because I saw it as a great way to encompass a story within just one frame of a picture. Eyes see so many things, all of those things being visual causes the world to be created off of what humans see.

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