Weekly Summary May 26

This week was very intense with the amount of work that needed to be done. While it was all mostly fun and interesting to do, it was all very time consuming because I am doing the work while also teaching myself how to work the different applications.

The first assignment of exploring the different tips and taking a photo using them was quite simple and easy to accomplish. The tips and videos made it easy to understand the concepts which in turn made it easy to accomplish the assignment. I took a picture of a sail boat and made a blog post about it called Sails to the Wind. I found this assignment very enjoyable and a good introduction in the visual chapter.

The next assignments I did were the Visual Assignments. I also enjoyed making these but it did infuriate me with how time consuming they were. Making the assignments themselves were pretty intense but then writing two separate posts for each one, made it even more intense. They were simple for the most part in accomplishing which made it a better experience, however, some of the assignments asked to do tasks that I have never done before, making them a bit more difficult. The Spubble assignment was a lot of fun and I enjoyed making that one a lot. The next one I did was a combo-photo assignment which was more intense and a bit challenging to find images that complimented each other. The vacation collage post I did was my favorite with how it turned it out and I had the most fun making it. It was easy to accomplish and somewhat relaxing to do. Lastly, the Can You See What I See project was interesting but a bit boring. I liked the outcome since it was something I had never done before but it wasn’t my favorite compared to the other assignments.

I also made separate tutorials for each assignment instead of including them within each blog post. Which can be viewed here:

The photo safari was fun but very frustrating because of how difficult it was to achieve the criteria. It was fun to do it under pressure and push myself to see what I could accomplish.

I enjoyed Visual Storytelling because it was a very different way to look at storytelling. I have enjoyed the opportunity to try new techniques and see what I can do. I also am not a very creative person so having this chance to use the creativity I have and seeing what I can accomplish was very rewarding. Some of the techniques, however, some of the techniques were very frustrating and made this less enjoyable but it was still very rewarding to overcome those challenges. It was a bit harder than I expected because I assumed it would have been just taking pictures and not editing them and manipulating them to fit different stories.

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