West Coast Dreamin’

Traveling to the West Coast is one of the best opportunities for a human to take. In Oregon, you have the option of city living, hiking, skiing, a day at the beach, and viewing farm land all within an hour of each other. In the visual assignments, I had the opportunity to showcase my trip to Oregon in a collage of my favorite vacation.

vacation collage

This assignment is where you take five pictures from your favorite vacation, turn them into a collage, and then post to your personal flickr account.

I chose this assignment because I will take any chance I can get to show how beautiful of a state Oregon is. I also believed this would be a fun way to spice up an average collage. All the pictures taken I took myself and the website I used to edit them in PicMonkey.

I gained inspiration in editing the picture to look like film from an old film picture my mom has of her land in Oregon. The photograph my mom owns has always been a favorite among us kids to look at because it looked so serene and peaceful in Oregon. I also think that film is such a cool way to edit pictures to still look like the originals but also create a completely different vibe to the audience.

The film effect on the pictures also shows a time where nature was less cultured, and Oregon being a very wild state in the sense of nature, I believed would be a great way to show how times have changed. Today, untouched land and nature is near impossible to come about, but my mother would described a time in her life where she could go out and explore the woods and it would seem completely untouched. A time where film was prominent. .

This trip to me was a very important one in making me into the person I am today. It was the first trip I went on without my parents, and while I was staying with family while across the country, I was still traveling by myself, making this my first major adult experience. I also impacted by how beautiful and natural the entire state was, something that is seen as rare in Maryland.

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